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Leave Application Management

Managing employee leaves is a core HR activity that every company needs to handle. A few common doubts haunt founders of new start-ups or freshly minted HR professionals. Will heavens fall if we just ignored this boring work? What are the benefits of leave management? Heck, what does leave management even mean?

A hundred years ago, globally, employees were not entitled to any paid leaves. But today, all countries, except the USA, stipulate employers to offer paid leaves and paid holidays to employees. Even in the US, 99% of organizations voluntarily provide the benefit of paid leaves.

Leave, or paid-time-off (PTO), is one of the most preferred benefits after healthcare coverage.

There are several leave types an employee is entitled to in a year. State government laws guide the different kinds of leaves and the quantum of leaves to grant per year. Some of these leave types are earned, and employees can carry the balances to the next year. Other leave types lapse at the end of the year. For example, here is a snapshot of leave rules for Delhi State.

Leave Processing

Allows you to configure various types of leave policies like leave granting, leave availing restrictions, week end policies, leave pro rating, leave year end processing etc.

Leaves credits

We allow you to customize your  number of paid and earned leaves assigned to each employee by the employer. These are unused leaves that may include CL (Casual Leave), Sick Leaves, Maternity Leaves, Privileged Leaves, Earned leaves, Paternity Leaves, etc.


Workflow approval process

The Simple Approval Process Management Software and Approval Cycle Management

This  is a approval process software that helps innovative companies to reduce chaos by using our cloud workflow software. When compared to legacy approval management software, It is very simple and easy to use. For small and medium businesses where workflow process often change dynamically, implementing an internal approval cycle software is often challenging.