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Business Central

Get your business running efficiently

Choosing the right ERP solution for your business is important. So is choosing the right implementation partner. DigiSurface is a leading Business Central Implementation Partner in India that you can bank on to streamline operations and to connect people, process, and technology for productivity.

Connect your teams using a single solution

Ensure business continuity with a cloud solution that connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams to help them adapt faster and deliver results.

Comprehensive business management

Take your business on the go

Work wherever your business takes you, with full capabilities on desktop, tablet, or mobile, on-premises or in the cloud, across Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Who should implement Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Are you a small or medium sized business and has outgrown your accounting system? Your ERP operates in a silo and doesn’t talk with other solutions? Do you see data redundancy and get incomprehensive reporting? Well, these are some tell-tale signs that you should install Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Who should implement Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Who does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation?

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

The first reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is undoubtedly its ROI. This ERP software reduces your annual IT costs. Thanks to its user subscription system and flexible licenses, you can save on software costs while staying up to date. It’s an accessible, turnkey management solution that doesn’t require any additional security software or external servers. Moreover, you’ll never again need to worry about fees related to software management and maintenance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps control and reduce costs

User friendly system

Microsoft attaches great importance to the user interface. With years of expertise providing software solutions to many customers, they understand that user-friendly software is essential to its success, hence, Dynamics 365 Business Central looks great, is recognizable and is intuitive to use.

There are various Microsoft partners that sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in different parts of the world. Business Central is a flexible platform that can be enhanced by partners to meet the unique requirements of any sector. If you require a feature-rich, flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed specifically for your sector, then you should look into Business Central.

ERP solution designed specifically for your industry

Any SMB that has outgrown its basic accounting software and is looking for an integrated ERP to manage all back-office operations using a single, unified solution should install Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Partner like DigiSurface does the implementation. You can contact our sales consultant for complete details on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central installation

How much does Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation cost?

Who provides post-implementation Business Central Support?

Business Central implementation cost depends on implementation approach followed and complexities of business requirement. You can contact our sales consultant to get a high-level estimation of Business Central implementation for your business.

As with the implementation, and initial setup, the post deployment Business Central support will be through Microsoft’s partner network. Dynamics Square is a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner in Australia that offers implementation, and post go-live support services.

How much time it takes to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central?

How is Microsoft Business Central integration done with CRM?

The implementation time varies based on business requirement. On an average, it can take between 4 weeks and 12 weeks to go-live.

There are out-of-the-box connectors with Dynamics CRM. If you use any other CRM, integration can be done using a standard set of APIs.