B2B travel portal

B2B travel portal

DigiSurface is one of the best B2B Travel Portal development partner helping travel agents, tour operators, and travel management companies deal with the growing online booking customers

Are you a travel management looking for a b2b travel portal development company ?

DigiSurface specializes in b2b travel portal design, b2b travel portal development, and Api integration of the module with top GDS/ XML and JSON API. Our testing department looks after the technical aspect of the B2B portal whether it is working fine in all the screen sizes, the number of errors in the page and much more.

With B2B Softwares developed by DigiSurface online travel companies can invite millions of customers within a short duration of 2 months. We are also proud to have worked with various SBT clients.

Through our Travel CRM Portal you can boost communication between the corporate and operation team.

You can provide your offline flight and hotel inventory to clients for booking.

What are the benefits of a b2b portal ?

Top Key Features of our B2B travel portal

Why Choose Us?

DigiSurface has been in the industry for years guiding customers with B2B Travel portal development services. Throughout years we have strived hard to reach the goals. We are eager to have a project where the agent’s can directory connects with the consolidators.