Cloudera Hadoop monitoring services

Cloudera Hadoop monitoring services


DigiSurface have team of expert resources , who can help you in Cloudera Hadoop installation on AWS and offer Cloudera hadoop night monitoring as services, We have expertise in cost optimization in terms infra selection. We offer 24×7 night support , Digisurface will manage all the application interfaces.

Team can deploying a Cloudera Hadoop cluster, maintaining a Hadoop cluster, adding and removing nodes using cluster monitoring tools like Ganglia Nagios or Cloudera Manager, configuring the Name Node high availability and keeping a track of all the running Hadoop monitoring services jobs.

Benefits of Big Data for companies
– Decision making: to make decisions, it is essential to have accurate and updated data. Big Data provides data in real-time, so it gives the company in question a great competitive advantage.
– Customer loyalty: Big Data offers information about users, collected through the so-called fingerprint. This provides a real photograph of the tastes, needs, and habits of users, allowing the company to customize its products and anticipate demand.
– Cost reduction: thanks to the information it provides, Big Data is a perfect tool to accelerate the speed of product development. In the end, this results in a reduction in costs, one of the keys to success in a market as competitive as the current one.
– Security: Last but not least, Big Data offers solutions to detect and correct possible security breaches in databases, one of the biggest problems of total computerization.

How we monitor your data

  • Data Acquisition

    AT Digisurface, we use advanced data gathering, filtering and cleaning algorithms to assure that only high-value data is stored in your data warehouse. 

  • Data Profiling

    Analysis of your big data starts with efficient profiling of the data you have received. At Digisurface, our experts help you profile the complex data you receive completely so that you can use the data with confidence. 

  • Data Warehouse Maintenance

    A team of Digisurface use the expertise and follow a structured approach to support your data warehouse so that the analytics environment is available to you at all times. 

  • Automated Backup

    At Digisurface, our team helps you to take continuous and automatic backup of your critical data so that it can be recovered and used when required. 

  • Data Quality Management

    Digisurface QA team use a combination of data processing technologies and our data quality management solutions to improve the quality of your data. 

  • Data Federation

    Our team uses advanced tools to help you get a unified view of data emerging from various sources and store it in a virtual database to assure data reusability. 

  • Data Transformation

    We help simplify and automate the process of data transformation from the large amounts of data collected so that you can turn more data immediately into real-time decisions.