Scheme Management System

How Scheme Management work?

Scheme Creation

To promote sales in market manufacturers decided to offer scheme to dealers.


Scheme Design

Users can design any type of scheme, Qty. based, Volume based, sales invoice Amt based.


All schemes need to be approved from the management and scheme letter has to be sent to the dealer.


On the basis of target achieved by dealers system will compute credit notes either on primary or secondary sales as per the scheme design.

Objectives Of Scheme Management System

  • Manage trade schemes & spends in sync with the sales organization
  • Optimize returns from Marketing investment.
  • Efficiently manage BTL (below the line) activities

Business Functions

  1. Planning & Promotions
  2. Running the promotion
  3. Closing the promotion

 Technology Solutions

  • Scheme Budgets
  • Scheme Masters
  • Scheme Communication Portal
  • Scheme Calculation
  • Scheme Management

1.Scheme Budgets

2.Scheme Master

3.Scheme Communication

4.Scheme Calculation

5.Scheme settlement

6.Workflow & Reports


  • Ensure effective and timely communication of trade schemes internally to the sales team and externally to distributor / stockists.
  • Scheme disbursements.

Business function

a. Planning & promotion

  • Budget planning
  • Sales and marketing data & reports.
  • Set up schemes in the system.
  1. Running the promotion
  • Scheme communication to trade.
  • Duration of Schemes and budget over runs.
  1. Closing the promotion
  • Approval workflow
  • Scheme amount : C/N delivery note , free gifts , points