Integrate D365 with WooCommerce

                                       WooCommerce Integration with Dynamic 365

Integrate D365 with WooCommerce

Sync your WooCommerce store & Microsoft Dynamic 365 FnO

DigiSurface WooCommerce connector for Finance and Operations sync data such as inventory updates, product, customer , sales, refunds. The connector ensures that all the sales entered into the F&O and accounted for in comparison with the inventory/stock.

The WooCommerce Connector keeps your business operations smooth and consistent without compromising critical data sources or security. The integration saves you from the hassle of manual data entry and helps you avoid human errors.

Some of our connector features:

Customer Information Management: Customer data is automatically created and updated without the need for manual entry. Our Solution is smart enough to validate the customer GST and PAN details from the Govt System.

Ease of Order Management: All orders and associated client data including billing details are automatically synced between your WooCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fin and Ops. Not only do you save on handling time for orders, (this includes such features order picking and packing), but also facilitate swift order completion and transfer of information back and forth between WooCommerce and the ERP.

Data Sync: The connector also enables a quick and smooth sync of data from WooCommerce into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Automated Product Synchronization: All changes to products that you make in the ERP will be immediately and automatically entered into WooCommerce along with the related details such as category, name, description, pricing, etc.

Fully Customizable: Our connectors offer complete customization with a wide range of functionality provided. Therefore, you can add any functionality you need to the out-of-the-box feature set.

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