D365 integration with Magento & E-Commerce

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Ready to D365 integration with Magento & E-Commerce?

When you’re ready to add eCommerce to your business mix—and you’re serious about growth—you need a best-in-class eCommerce platform. For many businesses, that means Magento Commerce. It offers the flexibility you need to design a truly unique shopping experience for both retail and wholesale buyers and a wide variety of built-in features, like rapid content publishing and instant purchase checkout.

However, if you’re a Microsoft Dynamics user, commerce features aren’t the only thing you’re looking for. You also need to know, “Will Magento Commerce connect with my ERP?” The short answer is yes, it will. And, if you plan thoughtfully, the process of D365 integration with Magento & E-Commerce can be thoroughly painless, and not as costly or time-consuming as you think.

If you’re ready for  D365 integration with Magento & E-Commerce — or you’re just thinking about it—this ten-step checklist is for you.

Why ERP Integration is Important?

The best reasons for  D365 integration with Magento & E-Commerce will depend a lot on your specific business model and long-term goals. However, at a high level, integration gives you:

  • More options for self-service customer reports – When Magento Commerce can access data stored in Microsoft Dynamics, you can give customers access to all their interactions with your brand in one place. You can also let them see credit limits, buying trends, and more.
  • Smarter business intelligence – When Microsoft Dynamics can access online sales and customer data from Magento Commerce, you can get a more complete picture of your businesses overall performance.
  • Process automation – Connecting Microsoft Dynamics and Magento Commerce helps you automate workflows—including fulfillment and restocking inventory—and accelerate business processes, such as new product introductions.
  • Fewer mistakes – With ERP integration, your Magento & E-Commerce store will display the latest product availability and pricing information. This means customers will not order products which are actually out of stock or be charged the wrong price.

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